Traditional Round


A European style broom with a wooden handle. Sweeps clean cracks and crevices. Great for use in corners and around table and chair legs. A very useful broom for grout lines!

Wooden handles are made from several different species of hard woods. Each handle is unique. I search our wooded areas, fence lines, and creek banks for small weed trees, dead-fall or drift wood that is rich in character.

Strong nylon twine is used to plait the 100% natural broom corn onto the handle. The length of plaiting on each broom varies due to the nature of the broom corn.

Natural fibered twine is used to sew the sweep. I use cotton and waxed linen. Each broom is sewn 3 times to firmly hold the round shape of the broom’s sweep.

Traditional Round Broom -Approximate length 32″ Longer lengths available upon request.

Ornate Traditional Round Broom -

Witches Broomstick – Unique one-of-a-kind handle (more suitable for riding with a comfort hand grip). Full round sweeps used in Wiccan Handfasting Ceremonies.

A broom placed aslant in a doorway wards off evil spirits. These brooms are distinctive wall decorations.

Broom Style