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Broom Making is a Heritage Craft that is still being presented at many arts and craft festivals across the United States. The art of broom making has a rich history that helped develop our country during the Industrial Revolution.

American brooms were hand made prior to 1797. They were an unrefined round broom made from fiberous materials such as grass, straw or hay, fine twigs or corn husks. The broom sweep was tied onto a tree branch for a handle. Cordage used to tie the broom was retted from hemp and flax. Rougher fibers were used to make the cordage that tied a broom. The refined fibers were used for linens.


Brenwood Brooms are Appalachian hand-tied brooms made from 100% natural broomcorn by Brenda Harman. Read more about the history and folklore surrounding the broom. Browse our products for interesting gifts for your home and hearth. Find the perfect gift or home decoration at BrenWood Forge and Broom.

Custom work is encouraged. Contact us for your personal needs.