BrenWood Forge and Broom

Know the Facts

Proper Storage

The secret to a brooms longevity is the manner in which it is stored.
Hang it with the bristles down so that the moisture can drain out.


Brooms with untrimmed straw are softer.
They sweep without dust and are therefore, better for those persons with allergies.


Flat sewn broom sweep a rough surface well.
Round sewn brooms do a quick and thorough job on smooth surfaces.

Broom Corn

Sorghum is a large family of plants.
Some of which are high in sugar content, others are low.
Millet, milo and broom corn are examples of low sugar content sorghums.
Sugar cane is a high sugar content variety.
Broomcorn is an annual plant with a single stem,
ribbon-type leaves and tassels with seeds produced on them.
The plant ranges from 2 to 10 feet in height.
Tassel lengths vary from 6 inches to 2 feet.
Broom corn (Sorghum vulgere) has the longest tassels.


The Turkey Wing is a traditional whisk broom.
Legend states that Benjamin Franklin use the Turkey Wing Whisk
to promote the Turkey as the National Bird to Congress in 1782.


“Flying off the Handle” …. A phrase for anger.
Children playing indoors and with a stern “Go outside!”
Ma would chase the children out of the cabin with her broom.
Swish goes the broom and the straw portion of the broom sails off across the room.