BrenWood Forge and Broom

Car Brush

$25 - $33

The Car Brush's extra-long decorative handle is designed to reach down in-between a car’s seat to brush out dirt. Stiff sweep end is used on seat upholstery and carpet of vehicle’s floor and trunk.

Short stiff bristles used for “spot scrubber” on end of handle.

Handle is plaited with strong nylon twine. Brush is sewn flat with cotton or waxed linen twine. Available in several color choices.

100% natural broom corn is used for sweep and handle.

Twine Colors:
Black, Blues, Browns, Greens, Orange, Purples, Reds, Yellows.

Small, Medium

Contact me for orders and more information.

$25 Small -approx. length 15 inches. 9 oz.
$33 Medium approx. length 19 inches. 11 oz.