BrenWood Forge and Broom

Porch Broom

$82 - $92

A Porch Broom has a large full sweep. The Porch Broom is great for sweeping out a garage or cleaning off a deck. It is big enough to shoo a pesky bear off your back porch!

The hard wood handle has a thicker diameter.

Wooden handles are made from several different species of hardwoods. Each handle is unique. I search our wooded areas, fence lines, and creek banks for small weed trees, dead-fall or drift wood that is rich in character.

Strong nylon twine is used to plait the 100% natural broom corn onto the handle. The length of plaiting on each broom varies due to the nature of the broom corn.

Natural fibered twine is used to sew the sweep. I use cotton and waxed linen twine to sew the sweep. Each broom is sewn 3 times to firmly hold the flat, Shaker style shape of the sweep.

Length is 58 – 59 inches. Custom lengths are available and may incur additional Shipping costs.

Twine Colors:
Black, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green

$82 Hardwood
$92 Ornate

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11 lb